Lifetime Warranty


What Does The Lifetime Warranty Cover

  • The warranty covers any defects in martial, defect in manufacturing or defect due to a quality issue.
  • Any Failure of bushes under normal usage.
  • If you as a customer are generally unhappy with the performance of our products.

What Will We Do To Correct Problems?

If you find a problem with any of our products, we ask you the customer to contact us with your issue.

We are committed to producing the best products and we really appreciate as much information as possible to help us improve our products and customer support.

Please give as much information as possible, such as  an MOT failure report, photos of failed parts and details of installation etc.

Once we determine your Warranty eligibility we will supply replacement components for any defective FloFlex parts.


Limitations & What The Warranty Does Not Cover.

  • Any motorsport or competition use.
  • Any garage or labour costs. Any vehicle hire or recovery. Any postage costs, all warranties are RTB return to Base. Any Loss of earning or any direct or indirect loss from use of our products.
  • This Warranty only applies to the original buyer, and is not transferable.

How To Register Your Warranty

To enable your lifetime warranty all you need to do is register your purchase online in the form above.